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Rechargeable Starter Kits

Where to buy Rechargeable e-cigs?

Rechargeable e-cigarettes are great for those who wish to smoke them regularly as you can reuse your e-cigarette just by recharging the battery and replacing the cartridge. The E-Luminate Rechargeable E-Cigarette Starter Kit comes with an electronic cigarette, 2 Cartridges and a USB charger. E-Luminate e-cig cartridges are designed and made with the best technology that produces maximum vapor and providing pleasing flavors. The E-Luminate electronic cigarette are offered in different selections such as Gold, Silver, Red, Menthol Gold and Menthol. Our cartridges of  nicotine solution is made specifically for E-Luminate that provides a clean smooth draw. Each E-Luminate Electronic cartridge gives up to 400 puffs or lasts as much as one cigarette pack. Each pack contains 5 cartridges that are available at great prices! And if you buy in bulk, you’ll get them at an even better discounted price! Whichever flavor you prefer, E-Luminate electronic cigarette cartridges has one that caters to your taste.  Just browse and select the best one that suits your taste and requirement.


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