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Parts of an Electronic Cigarette


Electronic cigarettes are becoming famous and they can be procured from an e cig online store. If you are still discovering e-cigs, then you should be aware how it functions and also the parts that make up electronic cigarettes. Some of the components of an e-cigarette are:

·      Atomizer: This is a key component of smokeless cigarettes. An atomizer usually comprises of a tiny heating component that is in charge of vaporizing the liquid that produces the nicotine-filled vapor that users inhale. The atomizer responds with an indication sent by a battery. This component is put up in a cartridge and is disposable it does not endure for a long time. By including a new one in every cartridge lets the users gain the best vapor.

·      Cartridge: A cartridge works both as a mouthpiece and a liquid container and it is mounted on to an Atomizer. The cartridge holds the e-juice or the e-liquid. A cartridge is specifically designed in such a way to let the liquid pass into an atomizer. Once the liquid is used up, the users can then swap the cartridge with another pre-filled one or top up the existing cartridge. It is attached onto a battery’s one end whereas the other end incorporates a comfy, silicon mouthpiece which users puff on.

·      Cartomizer: The Cartomizer is the combination of a cartridge and an atomizer. Majority of the e-cigarettes that mimic the form factor of a conventional cigarette make use of a cartomizer. It is made up of a heating element enclosed in a poly fiber and works as a holder of e-liquid. A cartomizer is able to hold additional juice than a cartridge. You can fill a cartomizer by taking out the cap and putting the liquid down the cartomizer’s sides into the synthetic fiber filling though warding off from the coil. Just drip around 20 to 25 drops of liquid in order to fill the regular cartomizers (the jumbo cartomizers can store more liquid). Then allow it to rest for some more seconds so as to completely absorb prior to affixing to a battery. A cartomizer is normally disposed when the e-liquid gains a burnt taste.

·      Clearomizer: It contains a tank in order to store the liquid. However, it does not make use of a cartomizer. An atomizer is situated on top or bottom of a tank and has wicks so as to pull the liquid from the tank into the atomizer that vaporizes the liquid. They are available in different colors and sizes. They are able to store liquid from 2 ml to 5 ml so that you can vape the whole day without requiring to refill.  

·      Tank: This is the tube that accommodates either a coil or cartomizer and is occupied with e-juice. You can Buy Tank Kit from a number of electronic cigarette online stores.  

·      Coils: They contain the heating element and wicks located inside Clearomizers. They are replaceable in certain clearomizers because the heating element ultimately wears out.

·      Drip Tip: It is the mouthpiece which is used instead of a cartridge.


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