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E-Luminate Electronic Cigarette Cartridge -Gold refills

$14.99 $1.00
(You save $13.99)

Product Description

If you are craving nicotine, then the GOLD flavored E-Luminate E-Cigarette Cartridge is just right for you. Every E-Luminate Red e-cig cartridge will last as same as 2 packs of the normal cigarettes. It is very ideal for those who are striving to quit smoking. With E-Luminate rechargeable e-cigarettes you will be able to overcome your smoking habit and still meet your nicotine craving as our Red flavored e-cig cartridge contains 2.4% nicotine. You will get a real taste without the problems of ash, awful smell, tar build up, flame and passive smoking surfacing. In fact, the Red flavored cartridge is so favored that our starter kits contain 2 Red flavored e-cig cartridges on top of the USB charger and electronic cigarette. To simply put it, the E-Luminate E-Cig Red flavored cartridge is very tempting to possess!



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