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E cigs vs Tobacco Cigarettes


A number of arguments arose regarding which cigarette is better. An electronic cigarette or a tobacco cigarette. Most importantly, those who are willing to quit smoking are definitely in favor of e-cigs. Tobacco cigarettes are the main cause for death of all the smokers suffering from lung cancer. Tobacco cigarettes are not only harmful to the ones who puff but also affect a passive smoker as he inhales some part of smoke.

In case of e cigs, it can be puffed virtually in public as it releases only a small amount of vapor that doesn’t harm a person nearby. An e-cig is nothing but a battery operated device that looks identical to a tobacco cigarette in terms of shape and size. In place of tobacco, it contains a small amount of nicotine that stimulates the sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette. It is comparatively less harmful as it does not contain any tobacco which helps avoiding diseases like lung cancer. If a smoker is confused regarding how to use, which one to buy etc., they can seek for e cigarette kits by simply surfing through the e cig online store.

This will help them saving time as well as energy as they can make a best choice at one click. Most importantly, the substitute of tobacco i.e. e-liquid which is used to fill in the cartridges comprises of four main components are water, nicotine, PG/VG and flavoring which have proved to be safe as they are used in food as essential ingredients on a regular basis. E cigs has both its foes and friends due to which it is difficult to decide which is better.



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