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What are the Functions of Various E-cig Parts

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With the help of modern technology, we are now able to smoke a cigarette that gives us satisfaction and pleasure without affecting our health. A battery operated device, called E-cigarette is a device that comprises of the following essential parts. A rechargeable battery, a refillable cartridge, a wall charger and an atomizer. E cigarettes are smokeless cigarettes that release vapor in place of smoke. E cigs are also called as vapes and the process of doing the same is known as vaping. E cigarettes can be reused as the battery can be charged simply by re charging by connecting a charger. When switched, a charge is being sent to the atomizer inside the cartridge which helps lighting the e cigarette. Battery is the most critical part of the e cigarette as it is a battery operated device. For those who really want to quit smoking, it is advisable to buy e cigarette. The e-liquid inside the refillable cartridge contains some level of nicotine which stimulates the sensation of smoking. It is not tobacco that a smoker is addicted to, but it’s the nicotine that creates an urge to smoke. There are number of e liquids in different flavors with different level of nicotine strengths, but the best ecig is the one which satisfies the smoker by providing him/her with the right flavor with a preferable level of nicotine within his budget. Once a smoker switches to vaping, he will definitely experience the same level of pleasure which he used to get from smoking tobacco cigarettes.


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