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Tobacco Cigarettes Vs. Smokeless Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes were introduced to the market with a vision and mission of helping smokers quit smoking conventional cigarettes. It is a device that consumes battery to run and consists of three essential components; a chargeable battery, a refillable e liquid cartridge and a wall/USB charger. It is also known as a smokeless cigarette because it doesn’t release smoke, but releases vapor when exhaled. Another nickname for e cigarette is vape. It eliminates the use of tobacco which is the main cause of incurable diseases like lung cancer. 

The e-liquid present in the refillable cartridge is a flavored liquid that contains nicotine which is responsible for providing pleasure and satisfaction. The tobacco present inside the cigarette is not addictive, it is nicotine which is addictive. During the initial months of vaping, it is suggested to buy Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits because it offers best ecig deals at affordable prices and it includes all the necessary accessories required like an e-cigarette, a set of different flavors of e-liquid and a travel charger. This will enable a vaper try various flavors depending on his mood and will enhance his decision making power. E-cigarettes are eco-friendly as they do not release smoke which harms the environment. Hence, we can conclude by saying that it is better to vape than smoke.


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