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Electronic Cigarette Tanks – Are they worth buying? - E-Luminate


The electronic cigarette tank is one of the best accessories that settles the most usual problems faced by people who own large e-cigs. These electronic cigarettes produce a large quantity of vapor, therefore it is essential to refill a cartomizer every now and then. Also, it also becomes a necessity to get an eliquid bottle if you will be out for some time. An e-cig tank encloses a cartomizer in which small slots have been punched on its sides. When you utilize the cartomizer, the e-juice is drawn from the tank and inserted in the cartomizer via the slot. Thus, a tank can hold more e-juice than any other e-cig parts and which is why it is recommended to Buy Tank Kit. These tanks come in different sizes, so that you can pick the one depending how much e-liquid you want to store.

To fill an e-cig tank, you have to pull your cartomizer down up until you are able to drip the e-juice from the bottle into the reservoir of the tank. Continue this process till you have a decent quantity of e-juice in your tank. Then push the cartomizer rearwards. Next, fill your cartomizer inserting a drip tip. Every time you purchase a new cartomizer, you will have to follow the same procedure and also when you fill the tank for the very first time.

When you think of buying a tank, buy one which permits you to choose the cartomizer’s resistance as one resistance is not apt of all the electronic cigarettes. A cartomizer that has a low - resistance lets the e-cig that functions at 3.7 volts to emit maximum feasible vapor. If you have an e-cig that does not have loaded batteries and does not permit you to fine-tune the voltage, then it works at 3.7 volts. Purchase an electronic cigarette tank that has a cartomizer of low-resistance. Such cartomizers do not function on devices that have variable voltage of about 4 volts. Therefore, reputable e-cig companies offer tanks that have cartomizers of high-resistance. Such cartomizers can function up till 6 volts without any trouble.

You will have to replace the cartomizer in the tank regularly. You can know when you should replace it when the production of vapor starts reducing. Many individuals have said that they get a burned taste while using the e cig tanks. This occurs when you utilize a cartomizer of low-resistance and the electronic cigarette voltage is set very high. This also occurs if the smoke juice in your cartomizer is not getting to the heating coil. Therefore, it is suggested that you fill your cartomizer using a needle. However, sometimes you just cannot avoid your e-cig tank from giving a burned taste and this occurs when slot that is made on the cartomizer’s side is extremely small. So, in such a case the cartomizer has to be replaced. To conclude, if you are confused whether you should buy an ecig tank or not, then the answer is yes. With the additional electronic liquid you can store in a tank, it is a very good value proposition, provided you buy it from a reputable e cig store.

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