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About us

Why E-luminate ?

Welcome to E-Luminate, one of the  leading  manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the USA. The ‘E-luminate’ brand is of the most popular tobacco manufacturing companies under Inter-Continental Trading  USA Inc. Our specialization is in manufacturing  the best quality electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, Tank Kits, cartridges and accessories incomparable to competitors in the present USA market. Our e-cigarette products have the reputation of being trendy and have satisfied a large number of customers who vouch for our products and this is the simple formula for our success over the short launching period particularly in the e-cigarettes sector.  E-luminate e-cigarette starter kits are one of a kind and are vastly popular among our clients. Our best quality e-cigarettes is the outcome of our years of research and the best part is that E-luminate products can be availed at the most competitive prices online on our brand website. You can also buy our products from local retail stores which can be found using the link to our Store Locator.

The electronic cigarette is emerging as a new product in the sector over the last couple of years and is becoming  more popular for  being the most convenient and safest way to enjoy modern smoking.    The question is where to buy the best quality e-cigs at a reasonable price? The answer is our own website, E-luminate makes it easy for you to buy our quality products online or from our retail stores. The most important  thing is that we are directly selling the product to retail consumers from our online store at wholesale rates!!  

E-luminate has a wide range of E-Liquid juice flavors including Apple, Berry, Chocolate Fudge, Citrus Orange, Creamy Strawberry, Gold, Intense Melon, Mango, Menthol, Pineapple Tart, Vanilla, Wild Grape and much more.  E-Luminate e-cigarettes gives a superior smoking experience with its quality taste and liberty to smoke almost anywhere. The cartridges available at E-Luminate are available in various flavors and different strengths to give you a great experience as per your taste and requirements. Our pioneering e-cigarette starter kit consists of everything that you need to explore the world of electronic cigarettes.

Broadly, our product line includes Disposable E-Cig Soft Tip, Disposable E-Cig Hard Tip, Rechargeable E-Cig Cartridges, Flavored E-liquid Smoke Juice and Tank Kits. You can browse all of our products in our online store.

To sum up, “Why Choose E-Luminate Products”

·      No ash produced

·      Easy to maintain and use

·      No smoke emitted

·      No bad smell or breath

·      Contains no tobacco (see detailed configurations), tar or toxins

·      Can be smoked virtually anywhere

·      Looks, feels & tastes like a regular cigarette

·      Cheaper than conventional cigarettes

·      Thick and high volume vapor production

·      Vast range of flavors

·      More value for money

·      Great customer service

Our Electronic Cigarettes have a unique taste and design. To understand what makes E-Luminate one of America’s leading and highly rated electronic cigarette, you have to buy one and experience it. So, go and buy e-cigs online now!

Click here to browse variety of e cigarettes available with Eluminate.


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