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12 Soft Tip E-Luminate Disposable E-Cigarette - Silver 1.0%


Product Description

E-Luminate’s Silver soft tip disposable e-cigarette provides utmost puff productivity at as much as 600 puffs, which is about 2 ½ packets of tobacco cigarettes. This disposable e-cig has such a contemporary and sleek appearance that you can’t refrain from it. It is one of the best quality disposable electronic cigarettes you will find on the market. This unique e-cig is so hassle free that it does not require recharging of batteries, replacing filters and attaching atomizers. In short, this electronic cigarette is a single piece device ready for vaping. After you are done with it, you just have to dispose of. This is why they are known as disposable e-cigs. If you are searching for a light vaping experience, then this is the perfect choice. For that nicotine kick, this e-cig produces 1.0% nicotine. If you have plans of quitting smoking, then you should definitely go for this disposable e-cig as its soft tip will give you a similar feel as that of a real cigarette. And the best part, well it does not produce any odor, flame, ash or tar!



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